Discover the 5 Different Types of Business-Level Strategies

A business strategy consultant’s communication skills must be on point. Clarity of thought in emails, speaker notes in presentations, or telephonic conversations is a must. The expectations about the outcomes must be communicated at the outset.

Business strategy consultant role dimensions.

Strategy Cornell

This certificate program will help you address today’s most pressing strategic business questions and design a strategy for your own organization. Using game theory to enhance your view of the marketplace, you will examine change, disruption, and uncertainty in your industry, and devise strategies to respond to these variables effectively. As part of this strategy, you’ll have the opportunity to assess possible internal roadblocks to overcome and create a plan to surmount them. Evaluating a series of approaches including M&A, strategic alliances, and organic growth, you will also identify potential synergies to boost your organization’s value creation and profitability and develop the necessary skills to optimize the web of relationships that drive your business. Finally, you will explore ways to leverage the power of digital platforms to grow your organization, through in-house development or advantageous interactions with outside platforms.

Throughout the program, you’ll engage with many detailed real-world examples and practical exercises that will help you see the world differently and ultimately develop savvier strategies to create sustained business success.

This program includes a year of free access to Symposium! These events feature several days of live, highly participatory virtual Zoom sessions with Cornell faculty and experts to explore the most pressing leadership topics. Symposium events are held several times throughout the year. Once enrolled in your program, you will receive information about upcoming events.

How to develop and implement business-level strategies

Once you’ve chosen which business-level strategy you feel will work best for your business it’s time to create your business’s goals (including your company’s vision) and pricing strategy . Once you’ve got that down, a strategic plan can be created outlining how to achieve them. Make sure to check in on your progress to make sure you are really scaling your business .

There are so many different business strategies, here we outlined the top 5. To choose and implement the correct one, you’ll need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, look at the market and think deeply about the core foundations of your business. With this in mind, developing your strategy should become much, much easier.

Business Level Strategies

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Do You Need a Business Strategy Consultant?

Business concept sketch in front of an entrepreneur

The short answer is yes. Firms need a business strategy consultant as they help provide a fresh perspective. The important thing is that this perspective is also unbiased. A thorough analysis of performance can reveal pain points that have been ignored so far.

Business strategy consultants also provide for a level of focus that cannot be expected of company executives. This is because often, they have a single-point agenda, unlike the top leadership, who have a company to run.

These consultants often enjoy access to a vast network of information. These include industry data and market trend reports. Their colleagues might have also dealt with similar problems and pitched in to help.

Industry regulations change from time to time. Business strategy consultants are familiar with these changes and understand the implications and repercussions of such changes. They also come in with no baggage or assumptions as they do not have any stake in the firm, monetary or otherwise.

Being impartial, they present their views in an unclouded manner. They are aware of the tools, resources, and methods to evaluate and drive business performance. Therefore, business strategy consultants save a firm’s costs on employee recruitment, training, and benefits.


A business strategy consultant can be a boon for businesses. Firms are saved from the time-consuming process of constituting in-house teams. These teams will then begin drafting plans from scratch. They also provide ideas that are different from the ones already considered by the team.

Business strategy consulting is an exciting field as one gets exposure to various industries and their challenges. To become a strategy consultant is imperative to understand the value one brings to the table, and the best way to demonstrate this value is to help the clients realize their objectives.

In addition, documenting one’s successes in the form of case studies, white papers, or customer testimonials is essential. The fact that one has a proven track record boosts confidence amongst potential clients.


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