Developing A Fascinating Personality

You can pick up various gold nuggets of wisdom just by contemplating on this old proverb: “You are not what you think you are. You are not what other people think you are. You are what you think other people think you are.”

I know that you could have been already exposed to different affirmative techniques in all of the self-help books you browse, but there is a twist that you can easily apply to boost their power and it is called as Reverse Affirmations.

In applying the Reversed Affirmations technique you would think “You find me irresistible,” and never “I am irresistible.” When you inform yourself “I am irresistible”, the rational part of you instantly rejects it.

It’s rejected because deep inside you do not yet believe it. But when you modify that around and think: “You find me irresistible,” and truly get into the strength of it, you’ll right away collect the benefits and feel the statement as true. Why?

Because your mind could possibly not be able to trust it coming from you, but it will easily accept the idea of it emanating from someone outside! The bottom line is you don’t have total control what other people might assume and think therefore bypassing your mind’s logical process.

Well, you might say it is just a sham that they know deep inside they are not really irresistible. I say of course it is fake. Of course, it is not true – not yet. The important thing is…it doesn’t really matter! It doesn’t weigh so much if it’s not true right now.

What you personally think has nothing to do with it. Belief is not connected with it. What matters most is the thought – and thoughts are things that could greatly affect your body, your individuality, and your responses just like a shot to your stomach can cause you to bend over in some pain.

Give this method a try: By the time you are talking to a man or woman you desire to attract, stare into their eyes and just begin thinking “You find me irresistible.” Get completely into it, and let that thought transform how you feel, how you are standing, how you are smiling, and observe what happens.

Try it!

You can very much utilize this good technique to enhance and communicate your Magnetic Sponsoring Personality when you are on the phone with a prospect, on a business presentation, team member, or conference call.

Here are some examples:

To Prospects: “You view me as an authentic magnetic leader.” “You can’t wait to join our business and work with us”.

To Downline Members: “You find me an excellent, accommodating mentor, and leader.” “You believe I’m the best sponsor in the whole world!” Etc…

Get into the entire process! Declare it with emotion and believe that it’s real! Try it a few times with all positive attitudes and you can expect your sense of energy and emotions surging and change to fit those statements and make them a reality!

You can have a fascinating personality others would emulate!

Planting Various Seeds At The Same Time

Just like a lot of smart farmers who know that they have to sow many seeds at the same time, wise internet marketers should adopt the same strategy.

To clearly illustrate this point, let me tell you my story. My e-commerce site made its first official sale in October of 2006 and finished 2008 with over $200,000 in revenues for the year. I am convinced that even if it is making money for me, I still have a lot of changes I wanted to do for the site. Nevertheless, that is a site that brings me a regular six figures of income. I got nothing to complain.

Looking back, while the site is doing well, there are a couple of things I’d really do another way if I could go back to two years ago when I started.

Today I’ll share one with you. If there is a single biggest blunder I made with my e-commerce site, it is the fact that I only started one.

I guess this isn’t really a mistake with the site itself, but it’s a mistake I made with my general internet income goals. Only starting one site had two major consequences:

1. I had all my plans, hopes, and dreams riding on one site. This set me up to be discouraged and frustrated when the site wasn’t making me rich overnight, even though it was growing steadily. You’ll always be discouraged if you attach your goals and dreams to a site that can never deliver what you want – at least not all by itself.

2. I moved too slowly. A big part of success online is just sitting around and waiting – waiting for links to index, waiting for domains to age, waiting for rankings to improve. While you’re waiting you can either obsess over each visitor to your site and each Adsense click you get, or you can start several other sites and get them on the same growth path as the first.

Think about it – would it make sense for a farmer to plant just one seed, and then sit and stare at it for months to make sure it grows?

Meanwhile, there’s a whole field of fertile soil being neglected and your competition is very much busy planting seeds all around you all the time.

Never let precious time pass without exploiting it fully. You’ll be elated because you’ll feel like you finally cracked the Google code; you’ve made it – you arrived. But then the site won’t make much. Maybe $3 to $5 per day…or maybe nothing.

But let’s say it does average $5 every day. Personally, I think a $5 per day site is something to be excited about when it’s part of a portfolio of ten similar earners. But if you invest 6 months into letting that one site ranked, and then another month or two watching it get to $5 per day, you’re going to be furious, and if you’re not then you should be.

Because in the same eight months you could have created ten or twenty – or even more – of those sites. And instead of making $100 per month online, you’d be making $1000 to $2000…or more (there are some newbies who earned more than $2,500 per month like it’s nothing).

Remember that $1,500 per month more than covers quite a few bills, doesn’t it? Heck, it can even pay off some debt if you want to. And will probably be the answer to your rent or the mortgage. Or…it could pay for a wonderful two-week family holiday every six months. Just imagine that!

By starting various earning sites, you have to be careful not to unnecessarily spreading yourself too thin. To avoid starting a bunch of sites and getting nowhere with them, here’s what I advise:

1. Find ten great keywords, buy the domains and start linking to them. Get them aging from day one.

2. Set up all ten domains on one hosting account. Go for a hosting company which is flexible enough and inexpensive. There are hosts that allowed you to link unlimited domains for less than eight dollars per month.

3. Install WordPress on all ten sites. Create one 300-500 word post (with a post title that contains your main keyword) for each site and publish it.

4. Get all 10 sites indexed by King Google. The fastest way to do that is to get a few links from other sites already in Google’s index.

So now you have ten sites set up, indexed by Google, and aging. What’s next? The next thing to do is build the one site with most potential to make money while waiting for others to age.

Choose the keyword with the most promise – the one with the least competition and the most profit potential. Once you’ve chosen your most promising keyword, aggressively build that site. Add ten pages of SEO-friendly content and start building links like crazy with the right anchor text.

After finishing the content on your first site, move on to another, write the content, begin building links and so on. After a few months, all ten sites will have content, some age in Google’s index, and lots of solid links.

Not long after your first site starts making a few dollars a day, the rest of your sites will catch up and you’ll be on your way to the passive internet income you’ve hoped for.

Therefore follow the path illuminated by the smart farmer…plant many seeds and get ready for the kind of harvest you always dreamed of.