Cause of Stress in College Students Guide

The educational system also plays an enabling role subsequently leading to increased stress levels experienced by students. Some of the sources include overcrowded lecture halls, semester grading system, inadequate resources and facilities (Awing& Agolla, 2008), vastness of syllabus (Agrawal &Chahar, 2007; Sreeramareddy et al., 2007), long hours and expectations of rote learning (Deb et al., 2015). Parents and institutions relentlessly instill the fear of failure which affects their self-esteem and confidence. Ang & Huan (2006) reported increased expectations as one of the factors responsible for increased stress levels.


Essay Sample on Causes and Effects of Stress on Students, With Outline

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In the guide that follows, students will learn about common forms of stress encountered in college, what causes stress in the first place, how stress manifests itself in college students, meditation and mindfulness, and what to look for if a student feels he/she or a friend may be in over their head. The guide also provides a comprehensive list of resources to help students navigate this time of transition and graduate as happy and healthy adults.

As an incoming college freshman, experiencing life as an adult and acclimating to the numerous and varied types of demands placed on them can be a truly overwhelming experience. It can also lead to unhealthy amounts of stress. A report by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America found that 80 percent of college students frequently or sometimes experience daily stress. With a growing pressure to do it all and be successful, students must learn how to healthfully identify and manage stress points to maintain balance throughout their collegiate career. Thankfully, this guide was designed to provide insight on how to do just that.

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How can college students combat stress?

  • The first wealth is your health, if you want to combat stress then you should have to maintain a healthy diet for your daily routine.
  • If you want to combat your academic stress then you should have to manage your time for doing all your daily homework, assignments and make sure to complete them before the deadlines.
  • Much research has proved that exercise is very helpful for a human being to reduce their stress. So if you want to win the battle with stress then make sure to exercise daily.
  • If you are doing a part-time job with your studies then you can handle the stress of a part-time job and studies easily. You just need to make a schedule for your study according to your job time duration.

We have mentioned all the major causes and effects of stress on college students. We also mentioned all the key points that one should follow to combat stress. So we hope that our blog becomes helpful for you to understand all the reasons behind the stress of college students, along with you also get a better understanding of the negative effects of too much stress on students’ life. But still, if you find any confusion regarding any of the academic problems then don’t feel any hesitation to contact us anytime at

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Academic Stress and its Sources Among University Students

Academic stress has been identified as the primary cause of these alarming figures.Lee & Larson (2000) explain this stress as an interaction between environmental stressors, student’s appraisal and reactions for the same. It has now become a grave reality that is termed as a “career stopper” (Kadapatti & Vijayalaxmi, 2012). It therefore,becomes a significant cause of concern as it is symptomatic of rising mental health concerns in India (Nadamuri & Ch,2011).

It becomes imperative to also understand that low stress does not necessarily ascertain that students will perform better, but in fact under these circumstances, they would perceive the task as unchallenging and may also get easily bored (Uchil, 2017). Though certain levels of stress push students towards optimum performance, when it is not managed efficiently due to inadequate resources to cope with the stress, it can have dismal consequences for the student as well as the institution.

The stress response elicited by every individual is identical regardless of the trigger causing. For example, marital stress, exam anxiety, work stress, etc. would elicit identical physiological responses from the body. This happens primarily due to the adreno-medullary system, which is part of the sympathetic division of our nervous system and the adrenocortical axis (Bourne & Yaroush, 2003) resulting in the “fight or flight” reaction. Some of the physiological changes that can be observed in the body are changes in heart rate(HR), blood pressure (BP), respiratory rate, increased blood flow towards skeletal muscles, etc.

While the stress response may be identical, the sources of stress reported by individuals vary. These differences would be seen in the causes, sources and consequences of stressors. Some of the common stressors reported in an academic setting include excessive assignments, poor time management and social skills, peer competition, etc. (Fairbrother & Warn, 2003). These results are consistent with studies conducted in India as well as reported by Sreeramareddy, Shankar, Binu, Mukopadhyay, Ray & Menezes (2007).


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