Not Only the Site Needs Design Customization, But Your CV also Needs It!

Your CV is one of the most important tools to help you land a job. It’s the first thing your employers will see. It should highlight your previous working experiences and your strengths.

But do you know that the secret to a secured interview is to set your CV apart? Make it stand out so your employer will want to check it. Once the hiring party gives it more attention, you’ll have a greater chance of getting that job.

According to research, an employer only spends an average of six seconds per CV. If yours doesn’t stand out despite having great credentials, you’ll lose the opportunity.

That said, here you can read how to write your cv to land your next job.

What Is CV Customization?

First off, we’ll tackle what CV customization is.

CV customization is more than just choosing the right font or the right color palette. It’s also about customizing bits of your information for the job. You want to highlight your best, so customizing helps.

It’s as simple as taking off bits of information such as the experiences you’ve had. Or you can add your objectives and strengths based on the field you’re interested in.

But that does mean you have to customize a CV for every job you’re applying to? Not necessarily. And most of the time, the customizations aren’t too obvious.

As a rule of thumb, apply for jobs that you had prior experiences. This will make customizing easier. If you were writing essays, dissertations, and articles, it’s hard to make your CV look good for a sales position.

Design Customization

How you present your CV will work wonders. While you don’t want to be overly extravagant, you don’t want to be too simple as well. You need to stand out while your employers are scanning the papers.

One way is customizing the design of your CV. Change the font and add borders. Add your photo so there’s more color to your CV. You can also change the format and make it look more interesting.

The best way is to make the design more appropriate for the job. If you’re applying at a publishing company, make it look like a book or a manuscript draft.

How to Properly Customize Your CV

Here are the parts and ways you can customize your CV:

1. Profile Summary

The profile summary is on top of your CV and is the first thing most employers read. It’s a brief introduction of the candidate. When customizing your CV, ensure you use key terms.

For example, you’re applying as a senior editor at a publishing company. You should include your experience as an editor and writer. You can write: “I have prior experience writing and editing for magazines and newspapers.”

That way, the employer knows you’re in the same field and will check your credentials.

2. Key Skills

Don’t be vague just like everyone else. Stop with the usual “able to hand work before the deadline” or “hardworking”. You should be more specific with your competencies.

For example, you can write “skilled in keyword research, video editing, and proofreading.”

Again, be more specific and include key terms that are applicable in the field.

3. Working Experiences

Besides adding where you’ve previously worked and for how long, add solutions you’ve done. If you were working with a digital marketing company, don’t just state your routines, such as doing email campaigns. You should also say that you’ve successfully created email campaigns that increased sales.


Creating the best CV can guarantee you more chances of getting employed. Once your CV passes through the next round, ensure you ace the interview as well.