Not Only the Site Needs Design Customization, But Your CV also Needs It!

Your CV is one of the most important tools to help you land a job. It’s the first thing your employers will see. It should highlight your previous working experiences and your strengths.

But do you know that the secret to a secured interview is to set your CV apart? Make it stand out so your employer will want to check it. Once the hiring party gives it more attention, you’ll have a greater chance of getting that job.

According to research, an employer only spends an average of six seconds per CV. If yours doesn’t stand out despite having great credentials, you’ll lose the opportunity.

That said, here you can read how to write your cv to land your next job.

What Is CV Customization?

First off, we’ll tackle what CV customization is.

CV customization is more than just choosing the right font or the right color palette. It’s also about customizing bits of your information for the job. You want to highlight your best, so customizing helps.

It’s as simple as taking off bits of information such as the experiences you’ve had. Or you can add your objectives and strengths based on the field you’re interested in.

But that does mean you have to customize a CV for every job you’re applying to? Not necessarily. And most of the time, the customizations aren’t too obvious.

As a rule of thumb, apply for jobs that you had prior experiences. This will make customizing easier. If you were writing essays, dissertations, and articles, it’s hard to make your CV look good for a sales position.

Design Customization

How you present your CV will work wonders. While you don’t want to be overly extravagant, you don’t want to be too simple as well. You need to stand out while your employers are scanning the papers.

One way is customizing the design of your CV. Change the font and add borders. Add your photo so there’s more color to your CV. You can also change the format and make it look more interesting.

The best way is to make the design more appropriate for the job. If you’re applying at a publishing company, make it look like a book or a manuscript draft.

How to Properly Customize Your CV

Here are the parts and ways you can customize your CV:

1. Profile Summary

The profile summary is on top of your CV and is the first thing most employers read. It’s a brief introduction of the candidate. When customizing your CV, ensure you use key terms.

For example, you’re applying as a senior editor at a publishing company. You should include your experience as an editor and writer. You can write: “I have prior experience writing and editing for magazines and newspapers.”

That way, the employer knows you’re in the same field and will check your credentials.

2. Key Skills

Don’t be vague just like everyone else. Stop with the usual “able to hand work before the deadline” or “hardworking”. You should be more specific with your competencies.

For example, you can write “skilled in keyword research, video editing, and proofreading.”

Again, be more specific and include key terms that are applicable in the field.

3. Working Experiences

Besides adding where you’ve previously worked and for how long, add solutions you’ve done. If you were working with a digital marketing company, don’t just state your routines, such as doing email campaigns. You should also say that you’ve successfully created email campaigns that increased sales.


Creating the best CV can guarantee you more chances of getting employed. Once your CV passes through the next round, ensure you ace the interview as well.


How to reboot your brain after a stressful exam

Going through exams can be a tiring and stressful experience, no matter how good you are at your courses. The amount of time you spend preparing for the exam boils down to an hour or two in the classroom before the professor calls it a day.

While you may be shell-shocked from the stress and anxiety that came with the exam, you should be happy that it finally passed. The next logical step for anyone would be to reboot as fast as possible and continue with your routine, college, going home, or whatever it may be.

Talking to someone close

What works for most college students is calling someone close as soon as they leave the classroom. Calling your parents, best friend or significant other can immediately help you clear your mind when the exam is over. Your brain will need some time to “reboot”, so to speak, after the last couple of days you’ve spent going through notes and books related to the subject.

Don’t think about the results or anything exam-related; ask them how they are and maybe even if they want to meet up later to just talk about anything other than college. This can help you a huge deal because if you don’t talk to someone familiar, your brain will get tired very quickly and you’ll be unable to study for the rest of your exams.

Rewarding yourself

The best way to let your brain readjust and realize that the exam is over is by rewarding yourself. This can be anything from a symbolic ice-cream cone to sleeping through the rest of the day. Do anything that makes you relaxed and content that the exam is done with. Make sure that you prepare your reward beforehand if possible – knowing what’s waiting for you when you come out of the exam room will give you an extra incentive to do well.

Taking some time off

Depending on the current status of your semester, you should consider taking a day or two off. Working on nothing at all will help your brain recharge and prepare for more work down the line. You can do something relaxing like jogging, biking or just walking around the campus and resting in a park.

Taking regular breaks is just as important as working hard. If you neglect the rest your brain needs, you risk becoming a workaholic or even worse – a burnout. Getting some help with your ongoing projects might not be a bad idea at this point – pay someone to write my paper for me in order to get an idea of how an expert can help you write or edit your papers. No one wants to lose all of their energy in the middle of the exam period, so make sure that you take it seriously.

Watching a movie

Lying in bed and watching a simple cheesy movie can help you unwind and recharge. This works because movies, like books or games, take us to a different world with a different set of rules. By transporting yourself to the world inside your TV screen, you can let your subconscious relax and prepare for the next day. Any movie that falls into your favorite genre can work. As long as you are enjoying yourself, the choice doesn’t really matter, because your brain will do most of its recharging during those two hours.

Going out with friends

Sometimes all we need is some socializing to get over an especially difficult exam. Call your friends from campus and see if they want to take a break and go out for drinks. This doesn’t mean that you should consume large quantities of alcohol however since it will numb you and make the next day terrible for you.

Try giving yourself some time off with friends and colleagues and talk about your shared campus experiences and what you will do once the exams are done. Having some laughs and sharing some stories will keep your brain preoccupied long enough to forget about exams for a couple of hours at least, making sure it reboots.

Thinking about it objectively                                           

When you put everything on paper, the exam that just passed has brought you one step closer to your college degree. You have been struggling for months and years and even though it seems like nothing is happening, the exams are your indicator that something actually is. Think about your exam in a more objective way rather than brooding over the results and stressing over whether or not you did well.

Whatever you did, you did – and it was the best you could have done with the amount of time you’ve spent preparing for it. Give your brain some time to readjust after the exam and wait for the results to arrive before calling it a failure. If it indeed turns out to be so, you will redo it and raise the grade, making all the stress meaningless in the long run. Don’t let one exam bring you down – you have your whole life ahead of you and college exams are only a small part of it.


Stressing over exams is completely normal if “normal” involves panicking over your future due to a single exam. Every college student is guilty of exam anxiety and everyone copes with it in their own way. There is no universal formula that can bring you out of college stress because that’s the part of what makes college so important.

If anyone could graduate college then you would see a lot more of your high school friends in universities. Unfortunately, not everyone is built for studying so much, so you should feel privileged and positive about the fact that you are preparing for your future in the best possible way, regardless of what one exam might make you feel like right now.

Blogging Your Way To Money?

Blogging is now one of the main strategies in internet marketing. If you are running a small or a big internet business, blogging will help you improve your online presence that could bring more traffic to your site and possibly increase your chance to make more sales. So again, why go blogging? Blogging today is now one of the most effective ways of making some money online. In other words, it is not only cost less but also easy and effective. Just what a marketer needs!

Many affiliate marketers make a lot of money on the net using just one blog. You can easily add products, content to your blog and design it as you wish to your contentment. Now, if you already have a website, then it is imperative that you should add a blog into it. Blogging will help you bring more traffic to your website. You can choose to place your own links from your blog to the different pages of your site and it will drive visitors from your blog to your website and vice versa.

It is not so difficult to bring traffic to a blog. It is because of Search Engines most especially the King Google loves blogs as their content is always fresh. While posting some content to your blog, you can optimize it for the specific keywords to make it attractive to search engines. Though you got to be careful not to overstuff your blog with different products, promotions, and offers. Always remember that people are coming to your blog because they are looking for and not to be sold of any products or services. The goal is to interest your readers, make them like your blog and remember to revisit your blog.  If the readers see valuable information in your blog, it will be much easy for you to make some income out of it by promoting your business.

Aside from optimizing the blog, there is another great technique to get more visitors to your blog which is to exchange links with other sites. This is called backlinking and is one of the most popular traffic methods among bloggers. Essentially, exchanging the links with other bloggers means you are also exchanging traffic or audience with other blogs out there.  In order to do this,  you can send a message to the admin of a blog you want to exchange your link with or you can link out to the other site with a compliment or a nice review.  Don’t be afraid that your visitors may be clicking away from your blog — this is just part of the game. In exchanging links, you will get traffic from the other sites linked to you.

Don’t underestimate blogging. It may play a big role as you are promoting your own money making internet business and at the bottom line help you make quick money online.

Make blogging work for you!

Tips To Take Advantage Of Web 2.0 Blog Traffic

Let’s take a look how to get highly targeted and responsive traffic using Web 2.0. Or more specifically, how you can possibly turn your prospective customers as raging fans even before they ever get into your real site — by having a Web 2.0 blog.

Right now, I think all business – especially an online business — needs a blog as part of its traffic building strategy — regardless if it has a website or not. Your blog must be of high quality in terms of appeal and content so that you can attract your fans to your website and generate traffic flood.

The most vital component of the Web 2.0 blog is content. No quality content? Then you might as well forget about traffic. And no traffic means no revenue whatsoever. Therefore, it is a must that you develop keyword rich quality content to attract people to your site or blog.

People may have a blog as their sole site. To create a blog that will hopefully see a stampede of traffic, here are some basic things you need to do:

1. Post great and useful content.  When your blog is just offering garbage and useless information to its readers, then you might as well scrap things altogether.

2. Professional look. The blog must be attractively structured to make it appealing to its audience. Pick the appropriate WordPress theme that matches the subject of the blog. For example, if your blog is about health, get a health-related theme. If it is about dating, have a dating theme. Then make sure that the layout is simple to read and steer.

3. Get your blog well organized for your users. This includes right tags, correct categories, and good archives.

4. The blog must load fast. If it does not, then talk to your host on the matter.

5. Your blog must be uncomplicated for reading — with a good headline, graphic and a functioning click through a button for a visitor to read more.

6. Provide supplementary useful information to the readers. For instance, you know of other sites which provide free services related to the subject matter, suggest it to the readers by putting the links within or below your post.

7. Blogs are supposedly friendly places to share information – therefore avoid brazen sales pitch on your posts.

8. Your blog posts must be concise and direct to the point. The language may be informal and relaxed but must be grammatically correct at all time. So don’t forget to spell check the article before posting it. Don’t get away from the topic you are writing about. Be informative and precise. And just use simple everyday terms.

9. Make it a point to have updates regularly. Always archive your previous posts. This could help up your exposure as well as in search engine ranking.

10. Set up the RSS feed to help drive extra traffic to your site and create your following.

11. As a good suggestion, the post should end with a question – so as to entice readers to express their views or opinions as comments.

Major search engines frequently spider blogs. Certainly, search engines love blogs and index them fast. You must take advantage of RSS syndication. RSS is a big help in letting your readers be aware each time you add new posts. This helps with highly targeted traffic you need. You may also add the necessary widgets to make your blog even more functional and moving.

Web 2.0 is a vast subject and there is much room that you can move on to drive traffic to your site. Definitely, Web 2.0 is here to stay!

Searching For Excellent Content?

There are a lot of ways and places to source excellent content for your website or blog. And in some cases, you can get it all just for nothing at all.

Free content can be sourced out online. Of course, there are some compromises here. Sites like GoArticles and EzineArticles are known as article directories. They are in the business of providing or distributing well-written, instructive content which other webmasters can use for their sites.

Yes, the articles are just free for anybody who wants them but you must always remember that there is a requirement that if you display one on your website, you must also mention the article’s author and link to his or her website.

The bottom line is that free isn’t 100% free after all. And if you are planning to create goodwill and some following by building yourself as a well-informed expert in a niche market, it could put you in a bad light.

Of course, listing another author as the real source of a useful article on your blog means that you are in fact set that other person up as the real expert on your website.

At the same time, you are providing a good space for a competing guru with the crucial marketing gizmo which is a link to his or her website which could take your readers to what they are offering.

Personally, I am recommending that rather than getting your content from article directories, it would help your cause to produce your own articles. Another good way is to have articles written for you by somebody else. Aside from contracting somebody to work with your content, you can also deal with article brokers which you can easily find online.

I am talking here of private label articles or PLR which provide content that you can assert as your very own as all publishing and ownership rights to the article have been devolved to you by the author. In this case, rather than promoting somebody else as an expert, you can show your readers and prospective customers that you, yourself, are the expert on the topic.

As all rights are now under your hands, you have the liberty to use private label articles either as single articles or content on your blog. Another good usage is to build newsletters around the articles that you can send out to your subscribers.

With some informative and nice collection of articles, you can even produce your very own e-books which you can sell or give away to your readers as a gift. All of these purposes are applicable and smart ways to exploit private label articles and any of them will compel business to, not away from, your blog or website.

Developing A Fascinating Personality

You can pick up various gold nuggets of wisdom just by contemplating on this old proverb: “You are not what you think you are. You are not what other people think you are. You are what you think other people think you are.”

I know that you could have been already exposed to different affirmative techniques in all of the self-help books you browse, but there is a twist that you can easily apply to boost their power and it is called as Reverse Affirmations.

In applying the Reversed Affirmations technique you would think “You find me irresistible,” and never “I am irresistible.” When you inform yourself “I am irresistible”, the rational part of you instantly rejects it.

It’s rejected because deep inside you do not yet believe it. But when you modify that around and think: “You find me irresistible,” and truly get into the strength of it, you’ll right away collect the benefits and feel the statement as true. Why?

Because your mind could possibly not be able to trust it coming from you, but it will easily accept the idea of it emanating from someone outside! The bottom line is you don’t have total control what other people might assume and think therefore bypassing your mind’s logical process.

Well, you might say it is just a sham that they know deep inside they are not really irresistible. I say of course it is fake. Of course, it is not true – not yet. The important thing is…it doesn’t really matter! It doesn’t weigh so much if it’s not true right now.

What you personally think has nothing to do with it. Belief is not connected with it. What matters most is the thought – and thoughts are things that could greatly affect your body, your individuality, and your responses just like a shot to your stomach can cause you to bend over in some pain.

Give this method a try: By the time you are talking to a man or woman you desire to attract, stare into their eyes and just begin thinking “You find me irresistible.” Get completely into it, and let that thought transform how you feel, how you are standing, how you are smiling, and observe what happens.

Try it!

You can very much utilize this good technique to enhance and communicate your Magnetic Sponsoring Personality when you are on the phone with a prospect, on a business presentation, team member, or conference call.

Here are some examples:

To Prospects: “You view me as an authentic magnetic leader.” “You can’t wait to join our business and work with us”.

To Downline Members: “You find me an excellent, accommodating mentor, and leader.” “You believe I’m the best sponsor in the whole world!” Etc…

Get into the entire process! Declare it with emotion and believe that it’s real! Try it a few times with all positive attitudes and you can expect your sense of energy and emotions surging and change to fit those statements and make them a reality!

You can have a fascinating personality others would emulate!

Planting Various Seeds At The Same Time

Just like a lot of smart farmers who know that they have to sow many seeds at the same time, wise internet marketers should adopt the same strategy.

To clearly illustrate this point, let me tell you my story. My e-commerce site made its first official sale in October of 2006 and finished 2008 with over $200,000 in revenues for the year. I am convinced that even if it is making money for me, I still have a lot of changes I wanted to do for the site. Nevertheless, that is a site that brings me a regular six figures of income. I got nothing to complain.

Looking back, while the site is doing well, there are a couple of things I’d really do another way if I could go back to two years ago when I started.

Today I’ll share one with you. If there is a single biggest blunder I made with my e-commerce site, it is the fact that I only started one.

I guess this isn’t really a mistake with the site itself, but it’s a mistake I made with my general internet income goals. Only starting one site had two major consequences:

1. I had all my plans, hopes, and dreams riding on one site. This set me up to be discouraged and frustrated when the site wasn’t making me rich overnight, even though it was growing steadily. You’ll always be discouraged if you attach your goals and dreams to a site that can never deliver what you want – at least not all by itself.

2. I moved too slowly. A big part of success online is just sitting around and waiting – waiting for links to index, waiting for domains to age, waiting for rankings to improve. While you’re waiting you can either obsess over each visitor to your site and each Adsense click you get, or you can start several other sites and get them on the same growth path as the first.

Think about it – would it make sense for a farmer to plant just one seed, and then sit and stare at it for months to make sure it grows?

Meanwhile, there’s a whole field of fertile soil being neglected and your competition is very much busy planting seeds all around you all the time.

Never let precious time pass without exploiting it fully. You’ll be elated because you’ll feel like you finally cracked the Google code; you’ve made it – you arrived. But then the site won’t make much. Maybe $3 to $5 per day…or maybe nothing.

But let’s say it does average $5 every day. Personally, I think a $5 per day site is something to be excited about when it’s part of a portfolio of ten similar earners. But if you invest 6 months into letting that one site ranked, and then another month or two watching it get to $5 per day, you’re going to be furious, and if you’re not then you should be.

Because in the same eight months you could have created ten or twenty – or even more – of those sites. And instead of making $100 per month online, you’d be making $1000 to $2000…or more (there are some newbies who earned more than $2,500 per month like it’s nothing).

Remember that $1,500 per month more than covers quite a few bills, doesn’t it? Heck, it can even pay off some debt if you want to. And will probably be the answer to your rent or the mortgage. Or…it could pay for a wonderful two-week family holiday every six months. Just imagine that!

By starting various earning sites, you have to be careful not to unnecessarily spreading yourself too thin. To avoid starting a bunch of sites and getting nowhere with them, here’s what I advise:

1. Find ten great keywords, buy the domains and start linking to them. Get them aging from day one.

2. Set up all ten domains on one hosting account. Go for a hosting company which is flexible enough and inexpensive. There are hosts that allowed you to link unlimited domains for less than eight dollars per month.

3. Install WordPress on all ten sites. Create one 300-500 word post (with a post title that contains your main keyword) for each site and publish it.

4. Get all 10 sites indexed by King Google. The fastest way to do that is to get a few links from other sites already in Google’s index.

So now you have ten sites set up, indexed by Google, and aging. What’s next? The next thing to do is build the one site with most potential to make money while waiting for others to age.

Choose the keyword with the most promise – the one with the least competition and the most profit potential. Once you’ve chosen your most promising keyword, aggressively build that site. Add ten pages of SEO-friendly content and start building links like crazy with the right anchor text.

After finishing the content on your first site, move on to another, write the content, begin building links and so on. After a few months, all ten sites will have content, some age in Google’s index, and lots of solid links.

Not long after your first site starts making a few dollars a day, the rest of your sites will catch up and you’ll be on your way to the passive internet income you’ve hoped for.

Therefore follow the path illuminated by the smart farmer…plant many seeds and get ready for the kind of harvest you always dreamed of.

Why blogs fail to earn money?

The majority of blogs either self-hosted or in free platforms are not earning adequate amount of money. Taking into account that some blogs are not meant to be money-earning, income from the blog would be a great compensation of the time and effort put forth by the blogger. And there are several reasons attributed to this less-desirable condition.

One major reason is that a lot of people have this wild assumption that blogging could bring in instant money. To the dismay of a lot of bloggers, there is a need to put in an adequate amount of time and necessary effort into the blog before it could make some money. So, our equation would be time + effort = money.

Aside from the time and effort factors, another reason blogs fail is the lack of focus. That is to say, if you decide to start a blog, you must have a defined niche. In other words, your blog must have a specialization and it is detrimental to you if your blog would be posting just any topic that comes to your mind. For example, if you are in a blog specializing on dating and relationship topics, then stay within that range and cultivate your readership based on that niche. Failure to recognize this rule could doom anybody’s blog to cyber-doom.

As King Google loves to see new contents on your blog, you must have the habit of regularly updating your blog. As they say, content is king! A regularly updated blog could be a magnet for readers to come again and again and for Google to regularly index your blog. Our expanded equation would look like this: time + effort + focus + good contents = money.

A blog aged by time in a good niche with good contents is a magnetic bait for money. And there are a lot of proven ways to monetize a good blog.

The Right Blogger Mindset

Embarking a journey in blogging could prove to be richly rewarding and personally enriching most especially to successful bloggers. When we say successful – there are a lot of factors for that but generally speaking, it means that the blogger is making the good amount of money out of his or her blog. Now the question is: Are you ready to embark on a journey which will reward huge amounts of profits in times to come?

I’m happy you are. Without question, blogging has rewarded me handsomely for the past few months and I’ve been making thousands of dollars of passive income ever since I started to blog.

The good news is that we all can do it!

There are just 2 things needed. First, you must be committed to your own success because nobody will do it for you. Second, you must a strong belief in yourself and your abilities or even limitations. Everything can be done and your dream of success can come true.

Now, having said that, before you even start creating your blog, you must know what you want to blog about. For starters, it should be something that you really know like a hobby or interest so that you will have a lot of things to talk about. As you progressed in your blogging ability, you may expand your horizon gradually. Professional bloggers can take on any topic niche that they want but this is not advised for newcomers. Just take the little steps one at a time.  Well, just like a baby, by the time you can run, then it is time to run.

Here are two questions that you must answer before even contemplating your blogging journey:

1. What are the things that do you enjoy doing or passionate about?

2. What are the topics that you can talk or write on for hours without ever getting tired of?

It is only through identifying those things that you can assess your strengths and limitations. By doing so, you are preparing yourself mentally for the challenges ahead in blogging. Success in blogging can only be possible if it did with passion, commitment and focus. Unfortunately, there is no “one-click” shortcut to that dream. I should know because I walked on the same path you may be trudging right now.

The journey to successful blogging begins with small steps!

How You Can Make Money Through Blogging

Ten years ago, nobody could have predicted that blogging would be so popular today. In fact, the word blog in itself is an addition to the English dictionary and it speaks volume of the massive acceptance of its use and effectiveness. Blogs are effective methods to make money online. All you need to is write a straightforward article on the topic which could be informative, along with entertaining and most relevant ads on your web page or your blog. This may be a kind of passive advertising.  The reason for the popularity of making funds or money by way of blogging is its simplicity and quick accessibility. This really is the reason why a number of organizations are employing this as a marketing technique.

If you want to earn a decent amount of money via blogging and site-building then you definitely ought to conduct a suitable research about the key terms that happen to be popularly employed by many writers or bloggers. If you locate those specific keywords, there are actually a considerable volume of individuals who are searching for the exact term then you will need to pick that particular topic. You have to make it a point to use those search phrases within your blog to ensure that your website will have a chance to get into the first page of the search engine’s  final results when the keywords and phrases are searched. By the way, you’ll find a variety of online videos and books that may essentially guide you about this course of action.

Blogging is especially excellent for those who have a flavor or talent for writing. Nevertheless, it is possible to also outsource content articles for certain key phrases in the event you usually are not able to write on your own. Ensure that you simply consist of all of the positive points and elements in regards to the products in your content articles so that people are persuaded to at the least contemplate purchasing that particular merchandise. Even so, make sure that the content in your own blog page is hundred percent authentic so as to gain the trust of the readers. It is not easy to gain back trust once it is lost.

At the end of the day,  I hope you fully understand the great potential of blogging to make you  Earn Money Online. It is quite possible to make blogging as your vehicle to make your dreams come true!