Choosing Right Niche

Choosing the niche you want to develop is really critical in your search for profits online. In fact, a lot of experts are considering niche hunting as one of the most important and rewarding aspects of any online business. No words can emphasize more of the importance of choosing the niche you want to get in. So what are the benefits of having a good niche?

1. A good niche will help you receive the highest payouts faster. If the niche is desperate or ‘need based’ (desperate and ‘need based’ are two different things), you can expect solid conversions and high payouts. Both of these mean higher income for you!

2. A good niche will allow you to rule with minimal effort on your part. Proper niche research begets proper keyword research which in turn means you’ll be making the most money, in the shortest time, and slowly expanding until you’re dominating your

3. A good niche allows you to tap into a ready-made hungry market with plenty of vendors willing to offer you, in some cases, as much as 100% commission. This is nowhere as true as in the CPA market (CPA = Cost per action as opposed to CPC = cost per click).

I am presenting below at least 3 of the best niches to concentrate on.

1. The auto-industry including auto parts, accessories, cars themselves, or even car information verification services such as are ALL awesome opportunities. Begin small by targeting very specific keywords, such as ‘toyota 2006 matrix XLS steel exhaust’. If you go after enough of these keywords (and again, focus on more than just PPC – use SEO, Article marketing, Forum posting in auto-related forums, or niche websites). Though the commission rate on actual sales is very low – somewhere around 8-12%, you can actually make quite a bit since many parts cost well over $300, which equals a $30-$50 commission for you. Target the CPA networks in this niche, and you could make as much as $2 for every ZIP CODE (yes, just for the zip code) submitted from your site.

2. The health industry – again, a great industry to jump into that you can divide into multiple sub-niches such as ‘food supplements’, ‘fat loss’, ‘muscle gain’, treating specific conditions like cancer or diabetes and so on. Then you have the whole insurance CPA networks where if you play your cards right, you can make $50-$200 for every form submitted. And here’s a hint, look for high-ticket purchase items such as hyperbaric chambers, mobility scooters, and massage tools. They’re expensive, but there are people who need them, and if you do your research and guide them to the best options, you’ll typically find it rewarding financially as well.

3. The ‘Pets’ Industry – most people love their pets. You can set up a basic drop-shipping site with pet supplies and with some solid SEO/link building on it, you can have a VERY profitable website. In fact, an associate of mine once built a similar site and ended up with a $40,000/month website. Of course, not everyone will hit such a level, and I suggest you focus on VERY specific keywords again, such as ‘maltese eye brush’ or ‘eye brush for Maltese puppy’. Dog training manuals, accessories, potty training, puppy buying guide and such can also make for some very solid earning potential. And of course, let’s not forget the CPA opportunity with pet health insurance options either!

While these three are great niches, they are not the end all. There are thousands of others that you can discover, and there is literally no niche that doesn’t have a solid CPA offer on either. Combining a good niche with a good CPA network and proper promotion can do wonders for your finances.

Good luck on your niche hunting!

Be Ready For Success

Just imagine someone freely handing you the so-called keys to success. What would you with it? How will it possibly affect your business or career?

Unfortunately, most likely nobody will ever throw the keys to you. You have to learn it from the experiences of other people or by hard knocks.

Have you taken a closer look at this phrase: “In order to have more you need to be more”? It means that if you want to be successful then act like a successful person and open up your mind to the vistas of knowledge and learning required getting there.

There are various factors or ingredients for a person to be considered as a success. But if there is one solitary factor it should be the readiness of a person to do what it takes to be successful.

It is imperative that a person craving for success should focus and grow in all the three of these areas:

1) Grow your mind. In other words, as much as possible gain the necessary knowledge the business and you personally need.

2) Free your spirit. Don’t stick being the slave of your old preconceived notions and nonworking ideas. Look for a fresh start so as to free yourself from the shackles of ignorance and failure.

3) Heal your body and mind. Nobody would be successful without the benefit of a healthy body. With an actively vigorous physical and mental prowess, you can reach the highest mountain there is.

Grab those keys now and start working for success!

Finding Resources For Niche Marketing

One very important consideration in finding and evaluating niche markets is the utilization of some very effective free resources online. These cost-free resources can include the following:

Yahoo! Buzz

Google Zeitgeist which provides a way to Google Trends, Trends for Websites, Hot trends and much more.

You can go for specific areas or locations. If you are not inclined to focus on the US market, you could alter your search query to exclude US results and just opt to search globally. Here you are simply looking for wide ideas and possible niche markets that you can later scrutinize extensively.

Aside from the tips above, you can have a good pulse on the market by browsing widely circulated magazines through, best-selling books via, hot trendy searches from and information from digital marketplaces like

You’ll be able to come up with enough niche ideas to keep you busy for years! Talking about evaluating niche markets, you also have to pay attention to relevant keywords. Keywords help you define who your customer base really is. If you created a website featuring a product on starting a Cake Decorating business from home, simply focusing on that keywords wouldn’t necessarily draw in targeted traffic because not everyone looking for Cake Decorating tips is interested in starting their own home based Cake Decorating business. Some may just want to get more solid information on cake decorating techniques or recipes and got no interest whatsoever in turning it into a business.

However, if you know what keywords people who are really interested in creating a Cake Decorating business are entering into the major search engines, you can separate those people from the rest of the herd and effectively target your customer base by matching your keyword based marketing campaigns with the exact keywords they are using.

That’s the importance of keywords — to dig down into your niche market so that you are directly targeting your customer base, rather than just a broader niche market.

Keywords are the very important thing to look into before you even think of creating your own info-product. Keywords can determine if there is a market and if the market is profitable as well as how is the competition in that market.

So, begin by evaluating potential markets. After recognizing the potential markets, the next thing to do is evaluate the appropriate products offered within each niche market and lastly, never ever forgets to get the levels of competition involved. Determine whether the niche can be entered by you and if there is a new way you can take to grow in the said marketplace.

Then it is time to come up with focused marketing campaigns with the aim of promoting the niche products or better yet create your own original information product in response to the ever-expanding demand. Use keywords to better target your customer base, and to serve as the foundation for all of your marketing campaigns.

Be a part of this niche marketing as it is a very profitable business to be a part of.