Driving Traffic To Your Site

There is no point of having a site or blog if it will just end without any traffic at all. When we say traffic we usually refer to our audience or clicks from the search engines or somewhere else. Of course, as bloggers or webmasters, we are always looking for ways to maximize our traffic potential. We can follow some proven techniques to have great results with the search engines which can give us the so-called organic traffic. Let us discuss here a very good process to drive traffic to your site.

Let’s start with the content by picking up a good subject. Of course, you can easily search online for good and hot topics. Other medium includes newsletters, competitors, books, magazines, and even the traditional newspapers which are still very much around. There is a need to research keywords related to your topic. Tip: always think about the keywords internet users will possibly be entering into the search engines and any variations. Then enlarge your vocabulary. The best resource you can use in this regard is available for free:


You may go for some variations of words and phrases at this site in order to gauge the data available from the search engines most especially that of the last month. At the same, you can expect the bidding price for the keywords and phrases which can also be the important gauge. You must also look into the competition by using the search engines. You can easily study and analyze especially the top ten listed to see their sites and some features that may have been adopting. You can then adapt the techniques they are implementing so as to improve your own site.

After researching, it is time to begin producing the content. Guided by the keywords you choose, we have to write articles. Utilize the many variations that search engines are keen on to see in all websites and articles. Then add some affiliate links in the article in case you want to market your product and generate traffic for it.

Put up the web pages is the next step. Armed with the written content having the pertinent keywords and phrases, building the web pages is now imperative. You are now sure to gain more traffic based on your research. Always remember to mix some of the techniques and content you viewed on others’ site. Something that works for them can also work for you.

Don’t forget to use the keywords in the titles of the articles or web pages. And put key phrases for ALT tags on the site. Then add your article to a page on the site. For more good results, you got to add pictures of the product to attract the interest of your readers. Promote to them what you have to offer. You must get links from other sites. Use quality backlinks from sites with a high search engine ranking to increase your site’s PageRank as well as advance the traffic to your site.

After completing the first page, you can decide to build more now with some degree of confidence. Use the same technique from the original page as a template. You have been able to use the right methods on the first page by careful research so you can easily adapt the same techniques with the next challenges.

It is a common wisdom that if your site or blog is packed with attractive information, contents, images, and links, you have become a site Google will quickly index and rank. As time goes on, you can be sure of getting high rankings based on your hard work, dedication, and diligence.

You will see the traffic steadily coming to your website. As nothing is guaranteed, it may take some time for the search engines to see your site so there is a need to be patient and never give up!

How To Get More Comments For Your Blog

All bloggers love people to post comments on their articles. Unfortunately, most blogs, most especially new ones, receive very few real comments from real people or nothing at all. Sure, everyone gets spam comments though.

I hope that with help from the tips presented below your blog will grow into a nice community of readers who interact by leaving you comments.

But first thing first, lets me tell you upfront that if your blog has no traffic there is no way you can have comments. That is just common sense, right? It’s kind of weird but some people could not draw the connection between these two factors.

With nobody reading your blog then expect nobody to leave comments either. Just because you post great articles does not automatically mean that people would be instantly reading and commenting your post. There is a need to actively promote your blog to the right audience.

However, please take note that in case you are not receiving any comments to your blog most likely it does not mean that your content is terrible or people hate you – it could be because you plainly don’t have sufficient traffic.

Now, when you do have some traffic and yet nobody cares to make any comment on your posts, there are good ways to Kindle or arouse people to make comments. Read on the tips below.

1. Write some articles related to blogging. You will certainly get the attention of other bloggers – bloggers love to make comments. This is one way for people to come to your blog and probably leave a comment or two.

2. At the end of your post, ask a question for readers to reply on.

3. Write about topics that have more chance to arouse like current events (ideas: politics, news, entertainment).

4. Be a little bit controversial with your posts. Express some tough opinions and most likely will either agree or argue with you.

5. Have patience and wait some time. There are times when you have no other choice but to wait until one person leaves a comment opening the gate for more viral discussion.

Last year, I lie low in responding to comments on my blog except if someone is asking me directly. At that, I think I was just a little bit lazy and busy working on other online projects. As a result, comments on my articles gradually dissipated.

I detected that usual commentators stopped their regular commenting and a lot of conversations on my blog ended abruptly.

This is really sad for a blog and I will tell you the cause behind this thing. It is called as Social Proof.

What is Social Proof? It is when humans take some action or make a choice based mainly on seeing other people doing it first. It is more like an “implied recommendation.” When others do it – it should be good!

Compare it to a group of people all looking up at something in the sky at the same time. Without knowing why you are also drawn to turn your head skywards and see what all the commotion is about.

When first-time readers of your blog see other people making various comments most likely they will think that there is something precious at your blog and will bookmark or subscribe to it and make a comment.

Sure, this is definitely good for your blog’s traffic – a proven social proof in action.

I am very mindful of always actively participating in comment conversations at my blog and accordingly my readership was growing tremendously. Before that strong awareness, I stopped and I noticed I hit a dark hole and my blog failed to grow quite as well as it should be.

I know of one blogger who has a rule she always followed to the letter. She responds to all the comments readers are leaving on her blog. Consequently, she successfully developed an ever-growing community around her blog and her traffic ballooned in just a short span of time.

Do not forget that comments on your articles are essential for your blog’s success so take the time to respond to them.

So what’s holding you back from making a comment below this post?

Getting Your Vehicle Towards Success

I think everybody would give me a nod if I say that the kind of vehicle or medium you decided on to drive you to your financial future and your dreams are very vital to your success. That is just common sense yet a lot of people are still not finding the right kind of vehicle for them. Without one, it would be impossible to get to where you want from where you are now!

At the end of the day, your career path and the kind of work you do is what really decides on how much wealth you can accumulate, where you live, how much time off or vacation you can pay for, how much free time you can use for your family and other personal matters. Of course, not unless you inherit a fortune or win the lottery!

Most people have found themselves in a job or career by default, some even by accident.  Very few of us pursue the career path that we had in mind when we graduated from college or entered the work force.  And those who are entrepreneurs have usually jumped into a business or industry because they sensed an opportunity, not because they thought it would “feed their soul”.  How many small business owners do you think to feel trapped in their “daily grind”?  Those feelings are certainly not reserved for people in a J-O-B or journey of broke.

Among the most successful people — and certainly the happiest — are those whose career path or “vehicle” most closely matches their personality, their desire, their values, and their goals.  When what we do is closely aligned with who we are, it makes it a pleasure to go to work every day… and success surely follows.

That’s one reason why Network Marketing is such a draw for so many people.  This is a business that you can build as you see fit, and as you like.  It’s also a team approach – you’re not alone, and you will be attracting like-minded individuals to your team and into your business.  Most of all, its fun, it’s rewarding, and you’ll make a lot of friends!

But another reason that Network Marketing is so popular is that when you find the right “vehicle” for yourself within this industry, the sky is the limit.  It’s the one industry in the world today that is totally accessible to the average person.  First of all, how many careers or businesses do you know that you can start immediately?  And – especially in this economy – how many other businesses can you start with a ridiculously small investment, and have the potential to become a multi-millionaire?

Four Familiar Mistakes Bloggers Commit

Mistake 1: Stop Thinking So Hard And Get Some Content Up!

Most people start strong, and then the frequency of posts suddenly begins to taper off.  And let’s face it, who hasn’t been in that position before?

It’s not easy to post new content every single day and a lot of marketers hold part-time or even full-time jobs while they’re building their business. With that said…

A blog without content is like a sports car without gas. It might be pretty, but it’s not going anywhere till you “fill er up!”

What’s the big deal? We’ll tell you what the big deal is: If you don’t update your blog daily, weekly, or bi-weekly you can’t expect people to stick around – they just won’t.

Mistake 2: It’s Like Being A Traffic Cop In A “Ghost Town”

This is another common problem. You have a wonderful blog, but you’re in desperate need of content and web traffic. And that’s probably the second biggest “mistake” in online marketing — not driving traffic to your website.

Face it, the whole “Field Of Dreams”, build it and they will come mentality doesn’t work in Internet Marketing. You must build “it” then promote the heck out of it. How?

It’s easy. Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or even Better Networker are easy to use. And it’s just as easy to pick up basic SEO skills too. Obviously, there’s PPC, Joint Ventures, and even paid to advertise if you want to kick things up a notch – but you can start small.

Mistake 3: Form An Alliance Or Get Voted Off By Your “Housemates”

You need to get out there and build your “tribe” or network. It won’t take you long to build a loyal following with your skills. You just need to get started.

First, you make some friends. Next, you share their content on Twitter, Facebook, and Better Networker. Then you link to their sites from your blog. It’s simple really, you help them get web traffic and they will help you – it’s that easy.

Network Marketing online is a little like the reality show Big Brother. You need to form an alliance – a small tribe of friends – or get voted off the house!

Before long you’ll have a network of dozens of bloggers commenting on your site every time you post something new.

Mistake 4: Making Your Opt-In Form Look Like A Legal Contract

We’ve seen a lot of nice opt-in forms but there’s one problem – it’s too hard to read. Yeah, we know this might sound like we’re nit-picking like your grandmother.

If people can’t read the text on your opt-in form or website they will not even in a million years opt-in to your mailing list, join your team, or buy from you. In fact, you should probably write this down and memorize it as this is very vital to your online success.

Blog Marketing For Money

Blog marketing is something that most everyone is working on that owns a web log. You are generally going to find that many of them are blogging for cash but many are not making even a dime. The numbers truly vary and rely on just what you are looking at. In the event that you are looking for a home business that is composed of blog marketing, then you would be blogging and site-building for cash. On the other hand, should you simply possess a web log that you simply use to create your thoughts and log more or less, you are most likely not blogging for profit. Everybody blogs for a distinct reason.

Blog marketing to help make money indicates that you’re simply blogging for a return. If you are going to make an amount of money that will add up to become anything at all, you need to always be patient, and consistent. To do so right now there are several items in addition to approaches and resources that you ought to understand and recognize how to use. Keep reading for more.

Although the good material is some thing that you will require for your own web log in order to help make a profit, you also want to ensure that it will be original written content as well. You can market a web site with something that is replicated and that you don’t own the rights. Plagiarism will get you in trouble with the search engines as well as the person that originally wrote the content. Be certain that all of your articles are ones that just you own the rights too. This is a great thing to know and does whenever you are advertising your weblog to help make a profit. Content often is the answer to successful internet marketing recently.

Tracking is an additional part of blog marketing for money and it so important. You want to be in a position to monitor your website visitors and clickers and understand where these people are coming from. You need to be able to tell just what keywords they searched on to find your web log and exactly where they did their searching. Doing this will help take out all of the guess work when it comes to blog marketing and generating money while blogging and site-building. You may need to know exactly what keyword phrases are working, and which are not. So you will know which keywords and phrases to use more of and which ones to drop.

An additional thing which is crucial when you are blog marketing for money is to find additional web sites and blogs that are in the exact same marketplace as yours, yet not in immediate competition with you to trade links with. That will certainly help you out a good deal as well, especially in the event that you could get some very good trades with high authority web sites. The higher the pr of your link exchange, the better for your blog. Google and the other search engines will recognize your link exchanges, and the more the better in this case.

Blog marketing for cash can be accomplished. You just simply have to understand what is effective and what does not. It is genuinely a trial and error basis. If you believe you may know of a new approach to promoting your blog the most effectively, try it! You just can’t say for sure when it will work for you right up until you do. After that when you find something that works and works well, consider making it into an ebook and promote it like hell. You’ll have the know-how, it’s simply a matter of implementing it.

What’s The Buzz On Blogging About?

Everywhere on the net, it would be easy to read people especially online marketers proudly shouting of the importance and role of blogging on their success. Whereas before, the blogging platform is heavily associated with the freedom of sharing ideas, now it is heavily linked with making money.

The platform, the activities, and the audience reach are all incredibly precious tools for a person desiring to start an online business venture. So what precisely does a blog do and where does all that significance coming from?

Let’s take a closer view at why the blog is such an extremely powerful tool and why you got to have one – if you are not yet blogging.

The benefits of blogging

A blog is considered a direct communication device between you and your prospective customers and readers. It permits you to speak to them in a deeper and more personal way compared to any single article ever could.

Blogs are definitely simple to use — sans complex technical tools needed and no advanced programming experience necessary. In fact, anybody can install one in ten minutes, write a post just like using a word processor, and update your theme and style in minutes – most of the time for free.

Blogs have built-in tools to share content all over the net. Someone presses a button and they can have access to your posts from their phone, desktop and browser anytime of the day. Your readers can share their ideas by commenting on your posts.

Lastly, blogs are best for search engines especially Google. In case you’re not using a blog for your personal presentation, you’ll find that the platform is brilliant for linking, search engine friendly code, and easy to index pages. Google just loves blogs.

Getting into the blogging club

So what does it mean to have your own blog? It all really depends on a lot of things you’re doing and what you see the use of your site. In any case, you need to have a blog regardless of its projected uses.

Most affiliate marketers like to have their names getting popular which allows them for networking with other marketers and gain the right of entry to new products quicker. A blog can get you to do this more straightforwardly. At the same time, a blog can be effectively used to build your lists of subscribers. And we know that money is in the list or is in the people listed.

Moreover, a blog is the easiest tool for building a site. Planning on putting together your first authority or review sites, then getting the blogging platform might be just what the fat lady is singing for.

Blogs can be created fast, take only very minimal programming knowledge, and allow for effortless adding and indexing of new content. What more can you ask for?

The main goal of the blog is to facilitate conversation. If you are thinking of creating a site for plainly selling product or an authority site with no need for a feedback mechanism, then it would be much better to go with plain HTML format.

In conclusion, a blog is evolving as one of the primary tools of internet marketing. And I think this is not just another passing fad or trend. The future has a place for blogging and that future is manifesting before our eyes.

Searching For Lucrative Niche Markets

In order to get into niche marketing, we have to do some important market research. Along with this line, we have to be ready to roll our sleeves for the necessary market research work. Of course, there is no need to leave your house as we are doing things online.

Let’s start by taking note of the most essential things you can do which is first assess and spot niche markets that cover at least these three key factors:

1) You can easily identify exactly who your audience is.

2) There are motivated enough and active buyers in the niche market.

3) You can be able to get your marketing message across to the targeted prospective buyers.

It is just a waste of time in trying to find an undeveloped niche market. There are few of them out there and those that exist would take a lot of work in order to break in. Then, you’d have to entice buyers, research angles and test out various marketing campaigns with varied approaches to find out what really works.

Never mind going into that way! It’s always easier to make money in niches that are already proven to be profitable, and that is what you need to focus on. You always want to conduct as much research about your markets as possible, however, so that you can really understand what your target audience is interested in and create compelling campaigns that speak their language.

You want to identify:

1. What are the products people are currently buying?

2. Where there are some potential market openings not yet overly serviced.

3. How much of a demand exists in the market.

4. The things or products these prospect customers are most attracted with.

In other words, pay attention to who you are selling to before you determine what you are going to sell and your campaigns will be successful. It’s likely that you’ve already got most of the research you need right in your own memory bank. Think about the general health market and then dissect it so that you have at least 15 health related niches to evaluate.

For example, ‘health’ is a very broad and general market. You can go down to its segments which include the following:

  • How to get rid of extra pounds
  • How to stop acne
  • Gout problems
  • Menopausal concerns
  • Pregnancy tips and ideas

Another example is ‘relationships’ which is, of course, is a very big and encompassing market so we will look at its sub-markets which could include the following:

  • Get your ex back to your loving arms
  • Avoiding divorce and repairing bad marriage
  • Boosting a boring sex life
  • Effective ways to pick-up women or men

Now, just follow this formula with any broader topic and you’ll likely find some lucrative desperate markets.

It is always necessary to find these profitable ‘desperate markets’ because in most likelihood these markets are made up of greatly motivated prospects that are anxiously looking for a solution or answer to their situations. In other words, they are ready to open up their wallets and spend some money on your products.

The best markets should include buyers who are searching for ways to alleviate their pain be it emotional, physical or mental. And you just have to be there providing the right answers for them.

Some Questions You Might Have About Money Blogging

Is blogging an income easy? The answers would be yes and no! The actual blogging is easy and earning the cash does not take that long, but you do need to put in the groundwork so that the blog is prepared.

Will I be able to make an income straight away?  Sadly,  a lot of bloggers think that as soon as you create a site you will be able to make an income. This is far from the truth. Advertisers are not only giving away their marketing budgets that easily –  they want something in return and you need to provide that.

What are you selling when you blog?  As a blogger, you are selling one, or both, of two things. First, exposure to your visitors. If you have hundreds of visitors per day and they are interested in the advertiser’s product, then this is a good advertising opportunity. Also, lots of advertisers want to increase their search engine rankings, so if you have a good Page Rank, then that is another selling point.

What is Page Rank? Page Rank is Google’s measure of the number of websites (or incoming links) that are pointing to your site. The higher the ranking (from 0 to 10), the more websites that are linking to you.

What is Alexa Ranking?  This is a measure of the number of traffic that are arriving on your web site. The lower the number, the more visitors are trooping to your site.

Does a high Page Rank (PR) give a lot of traffic? In my own experience, I have seen a web site with a  Page Rank 5 with an Alexa Ranking of 7,200,000 ( I didn’t realize it went that high!) and a Page Rank 2 website with an Alexa Ranking of round 700,000. So no, Page Rank is only a measure of your incoming links.

How do I get a Page Rank? Any links to your site that are not hidden, such as with the rel=”nofollow” tag, count. So article writing, guest blogging, several site comments and sharing on site rolls could all increase the links into your website. The higher the Page Rank of the website linking to you, the more you gain.

How do I increase traffic? This is a big question! Writing articles will get several visitors and help you to increase your search engine optimization, but you need to write loads of fresh, unique content that are targeted to specific keywords and you must compliment this with incoming links to increase the search engine traffic.

Could be paid blogging harm my weblog? Never say never. In my view, as long as there are not too much load of paid posts and you are writing plenty of content posts then the paid activities should merely be a small part of the totality of your website — then the search engines should not punish you.

This post is a guest post written by Keith Lunt of how to start a blog. If you want to know more about starting a blog, you know where to look!

If you want to check out useful things to know about free traffic – please read the web site.

Let us start making money by blogging!

Choosing Right Niche

Choosing the niche you want to develop is really critical in your search for profits online. In fact, a lot of experts are considering niche hunting as one of the most important and rewarding aspects of any online business. No words can emphasize more of the importance of choosing the niche you want to get in. So what are the benefits of having a good niche?

1. A good niche will help you receive the highest payouts faster. If the niche is desperate or ‘need based’ (desperate and ‘need based’ are two different things), you can expect solid conversions and high payouts. Both of these mean higher income for you!

2. A good niche will allow you to rule with minimal effort on your part. Proper niche research begets proper keyword research which in turn means you’ll be making the most money, in the shortest time, and slowly expanding until you’re dominating your

3. A good niche allows you to tap into a ready-made hungry market with plenty of vendors willing to offer you, in some cases, as much as 100% commission. This is nowhere as true as in the CPA market (CPA = Cost per action as opposed to CPC = cost per click).

I am presenting below at least 3 of the best niches to concentrate on.

1. The auto-industry including auto parts, accessories, cars themselves, or even car information verification services such as Carfax.com are ALL awesome opportunities. Begin small by targeting very specific keywords, such as ‘toyota 2006 matrix XLS steel exhaust’. If you go after enough of these keywords (and again, focus on more than just PPC – use SEO, Article marketing, Forum posting in auto-related forums, or niche websites). Though the commission rate on actual sales is very low – somewhere around 8-12%, you can actually make quite a bit since many parts cost well over $300, which equals a $30-$50 commission for you. Target the CPA networks in this niche, and you could make as much as $2 for every ZIP CODE (yes, just for the zip code) submitted from your site.

2. The health industry – again, a great industry to jump into that you can divide into multiple sub-niches such as ‘food supplements’, ‘fat loss’, ‘muscle gain’, treating specific conditions like cancer or diabetes and so on. Then you have the whole insurance CPA networks where if you play your cards right, you can make $50-$200 for every form submitted. And here’s a hint, look for high-ticket purchase items such as hyperbaric chambers, mobility scooters, and massage tools. They’re expensive, but there are people who need them, and if you do your research and guide them to the best options, you’ll typically find it rewarding financially as well.

3. The ‘Pets’ Industry – most people love their pets. You can set up a basic drop-shipping site with pet supplies and with some solid SEO/link building on it, you can have a VERY profitable website. In fact, an associate of mine once built a similar site and ended up with a $40,000/month website. Of course, not everyone will hit such a level, and I suggest you focus on VERY specific keywords again, such as ‘maltese eye brush’ or ‘eye brush for Maltese puppy’. Dog training manuals, accessories, potty training, puppy buying guide and such can also make for some very solid earning potential. And of course, let’s not forget the CPA opportunity with pet health insurance options either!

While these three are great niches, they are not the end all. There are thousands of others that you can discover, and there is literally no niche that doesn’t have a solid CPA offer on either. Combining a good niche with a good CPA network and proper promotion can do wonders for your finances.

Good luck on your niche hunting!

Be Ready For Success

Just imagine someone freely handing you the so-called keys to success. What would you with it? How will it possibly affect your business or career?

Unfortunately, most likely nobody will ever throw the keys to you. You have to learn it from the experiences of other people or by hard knocks.

Have you taken a closer look at this phrase: “In order to have more you need to be more”? It means that if you want to be successful then act like a successful person and open up your mind to the vistas of knowledge and learning required getting there.

There are various factors or ingredients for a person to be considered as a success. But if there is one solitary factor it should be the readiness of a person to do what it takes to be successful.

It is imperative that a person craving for success should focus and grow in all the three of these areas:

1) Grow your mind. In other words, as much as possible gain the necessary knowledge the business and you personally need.

2) Free your spirit. Don’t stick being the slave of your old preconceived notions and nonworking ideas. Look for a fresh start so as to free yourself from the shackles of ignorance and failure.

3) Heal your body and mind. Nobody would be successful without the benefit of a healthy body. With an actively vigorous physical and mental prowess, you can reach the highest mountain there is.

Grab those keys now and start working for success!